Zarvic Brothers Announces Formation of Metalico Shareholder Committee

Nicholas Stirpe of Zarvic Brothers has announced the formation of Metalico (MEA) Shareholder Committee.

The purpose of the Metalico (MEA) shareholder committee is to assist the board of directors of Metalico (MEA) in evaluating strategic opportunities and alternatives to create shareholder value, including potential mergers, acquisitions, investments, divestitures, and other strategic opportunities, or commitments, and various capital structure strategies, and alternatives outside the ordinary course of Metalico (MEA) business.

It is Zarvic Brothers determination to play a role to find solutions to a maze of problems within Metalico (MEA).  

Key Executive Salaries range: $300,000 - $500,000 per year.

Market Capitalization:

12/31/2011       12/31/2012       12/31/2013        12/31/2014       4/13/2015
$156,145,200    $93,233,599     $99,452,556       $27,411,802     $23,020,000

Net Income:

12/31/2011       12/31/2012       12/31/2013       12/31/2014       4/13/2015
$13,462,000     ($13,111,000)    ($34,816,000)   ($34,816,000)    ($7,780,000)

Net income growth:

12/31/2011       12/31/2012       12/31/2013       12/31/2014       4/13/2015    
(4.91)                  (1.75)                  1.66                   (0.65)                 (0.65)

Earnings Per Share:

12/31/2011       12/31/2012       12/31/2013       12/31/2014       4/13/2015
(0.06)                  (0.16)                 (0.07)                  (0.14)                 (0.14)

The Committee is responsible for assisting the Metalico (MEA) Board in evaluating opportunities and making recommendations to the board. The committee should be authorized to review and approve investments, acquisitions, divestitures, and other strategic commitments of capital by the corporation. The committee will make recommendations to the board regarding return on capital to shareholders, including, investments, divestitures, acquisitions, mergers, and other strategic investments and opportunities.  The committee will convene as necessary to act upon any matter, and shall demand access to the Metalico (MEA) management who shall be directed to provide the committee with any and all information requested. The committee shall be comprised of three to five shareholders. Each of whom will satisfy an independent evaluation of Metalico (MEA) Company. Each member will serve on behalf of all shareholders to create and maximize shareholder value of Metalico (MEA) Company.                         

Please contact Zarvic Brothers if you have a interest in participating on the committee.

Zarvic Brothers


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