Zarvic Brothers New Multi Strategy Fund Open to Individual Investors

A new multi strategy investment fund structured by Zarvic Brothers (ZB) will allow individual investors the opportunity to participate within the fund that will focus on distressed assets such as publicly traded companies, private companies, and commercial real estate, and the restructuring of commercial leases.

The Zarvic Brothers multi strategy fund demonstrates the potential for innovative and thought out financial structures to mobilize new sources of capital to leverage opportunities. This fund brings a diverse group of opportunities together that will share the same objective of delivering results in a financially sustainable way.

ZB will be responsible for originating, managing and exiting the multi strategy portfolio investments. ZB will focus on opportunities where improvements can be made by either a take over of restructuring current  management, performing a merger or acquisition, restructuring current debt, restructuring the current tenant in a commercial real estate, or providing a buyer to acquire an asset.

ZB research and the development aspect is extremely important to the funds success said a representative from Zarvic Brothers. Their are many many situations that offer a vast upside potential and we are looking to facilitate those opportunities into profits. That is why ZB is looking for traditional investment capital supplied by investors who expect above average returns.

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